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 Great deal at only a third of the price of OEM!
by highroller87
May 12, 2014
Review: ÜRO Parts 1J5 955 651 Washer Pump

The washer fluid wasn't flowing in my 2000 e46 BMW 325i, it didn't make any sound or anything. I bought this pump based on the good reviews, and it only took a few minutes to take out the old one and install the new one. Then I could hear the new pump running, but still no washer spray. I pulled it back out and the grommet was clogged. I put it all back together and now it works fantastic, although the nozzles in my hood are clogged a bit too, which I should be able to fix with a pin. Maybe if your pump isn't working, check to see if it could be plugged up before you buy a new one. My pump was dead and plugged, and was very inexpensive to replace.

 Surprising quality parts for the price.
By reign-nz
July 15, 2013
Review: ÜRO Parts 64 11 6 923 204 Blower Motor Resistor

I drive an '02 BMW 325i four-door with almost three hundred thousand miles on the odometer. In the past year, there have been times when the heating and air conditioning blower wouldn't work, usually a couple hours after I last drove the car. Also, the automatic climate control mode never worked quite right. I didn't know if this Blower Motor Resistor was the root of the problem, but other 325i owners complained about the same issue online and said this resistor is usually the solution. And considering the low price of the item, it was definitely worth a try.

I bought the blower motor resistor but didn't install it right away, thinking it would be a lot of work like my power steering pump and valve cover gasket. It turned out to be an easy job, maybe just an hour or so. The heat sink on the ÜRO Parts resistor looks very different than the original, but after about eight weeks of fluctuating weather in VA, I'm happy to report that the blower is finally working better than ever. I just dial in the temperature, turn the climate control to automatic, and it works like a charm whether it's blowing heat or AC. I don't have enough experience with BMW parts to know the good brands from the bad, but it's clear that this Uro resistor is a quality part. Should it fail anytime soon, I'll come back and update this review. My two cents: if your heating and air conditioning isn't working right, don't hesitate to replace your blower resistor. It doesn't cost much, yet it makes a big difference when it comes to enjoying your car.

 Money well spent.
By Jim Geltson
October 15th, 2014
Reviews: ÜRO Parts TC-107 BLACK Black Hard Top Cart/Carrier and Hard Top Cover

Our Mercedes 450SL is a gorgeous convertible that you can drive year-round, but during the summer we needed a place to store the removeable hard top where it would be out of the way and safe from damage. We saw this hard top stand, and let me tell you it was the solution. Though the cart can be assembled in just a few minutes, we found it to be very sturdy and stout. The carrier rolls around the garage with ease, so you can get it out of the way to access cabinets or the workbench. It has padding on areas that contact the hardtop to prevent scratching. The durable cover prevents dust from accumulating, so you don't have to clean the hard top before putting it back on the car.

by Jim E.
May 12, 2014
Reviews: ÜRO Parts 34 35 6 789 440 Front Brake Pad Sensors

Tried no-name sensors from the local car parts place, but they didn't fit very well and the craftsmanship was poor. These ÜRO Parts sensors are much higher quality, even though they cost less. Win-win.

 ÜRO parts saved me a bunch of money and time!
by Rory Mall
August 4th, 2015
Reviews: ÜRO Parts 51 16 8 190 205 Front Cup Holders

I bought a used 2000 BMW 528i, which unfortunately had a cracked cup holder. The local dealership wanted more than a hundred dollars just to identify the problem, and then wanted even more for parts and labor! Outrageous.

I ranted to a coworker who also owns a BMW and he recommended checking ÜRO Parts, since it's insane to pay hundreds of dollars just to have a cup holder replaced. Found it on Amazon and ordered it. Delivery took awhile, but soon as I opened the box it was clear that the ÜRO cup holder is every bit as good as the original. Installation was easy after watching a DIY video on YouTube.

The ÜRO Parts cup holder is actually nicer than the original and works better, as the groove is deeper. Definitely suggest ging this route over the service department at the BMW dealer.

 Good stuff.
by Henry B.
December 10th, 2013
Review: ÜRO Parts 17 13 7 787 039 Expansion Tank

Quality OE replacement parts by üroparts.

The cooling system in my 2000 323i was in desparate need of an overhaul, so I used this reservoir after having good luck with a Meyle tank in my commuter car a few years ago. The Uro tank appears to have even better plastic than the Meyle, with strong-looking seams and a substantial heft to it. All of the connections were the right diameter and lined up perfectly. Installation couldn't have been easier.

Glad to have Uro as an option to OE, and recommend this reservoir highly.

 Dealership charges more than $65 for the very same item!
by Strongman
March 18th, 2014
Review: ÜRO Parts 06A 103 247 PCV Hose Connector

I refuse to pay over $65 for an item I can buy elsewhere for ten bucks. It's not like the OEM connector is made of magic plastic or something, after all it failed right? The Uro hose connector appears to be just as high quality, has beefy walls, and the hoses fit tightly. Can't ask for more than that, and am happy to report that my air leaks are history.

 It's just a clip, same as original part.
by AJ Suave
July 26th, 2013
Review: ÜRO Parts 032 121 142 Plastic Retainer C-Clip

I bought this clip in case the original cracked or got lost while installing a new temperature sensor in my wife's Audi A4. Reviewing the Uro clip next to the OE unit, it appears to be the same material and tension and the only difference is the part number on the clip.

 Fantastic bushings!
by Hotpants
September 3rd, 2014
Reviews: ÜRO Parts 9434263 Engine Torque Rod Bushings

It took forever to figure out why my engine was clunking whenever I stepped on the gas, but some other drivers discussed the same issue on a Ford bulletin board. The Ford dealership claimed that repair requires partially removing the engine just to replace the upper engine mount, which would cost a small fortune. Fortunately for me, the forum members explained how these Uro Parts Engine Torque Rod Bushings can accomplish the same thing for about $20. After I received the bushings, I reviewed the forum members' directions and got to work. With a little help from my husband, we had the bushings installed in less than an hour, it was so easy. It't already been more than a year since we replaced the OEM bushings with Uro, and they're still working great.

 No difference in quality compared to OEM.
by Sunshine
April 8th, 2015
Review: ÜRO Parts 035 103 245A PCV Valve

If there's a difference, I sure don't see it. Pops in place and works perfectly, why pay more?

 Extremely durable tank.
by Rayger
November 28th, 2014
Review: ÜRO Parts 8E0 121 403 Expansion Tank

Got tired of going through expansion tanks from the usual local auto parts stores, but this Uro expansion tank has outlasted all of them so far. Obvisouly the Audi OEM tank failed too, so there's no point spending a ton of money on these. Hopefully the Uro will be the last one I have to replace.

 Heavy-duty end links, at light-duty price.
by Nittyguy
November 9th, 2014
Reviews: ÜRO Parts 30714686 Front Sway Bar Links

It's amazing that you can buy end links that appear to be stronger than OEM for half the price, thanks Uro! These come with retainers and rubber covers, and eliminated the annoying clunking in the front end of my Volvo.

 My Quattro drives great again!
by G. Deeno
October 17th, 2013
Review: ÜRO Parts 8D0 498 998 Control Arm Kit - 12 Piece

With my 1999 A6 Avant closing in on two hundred thousand miles, it's stunning how much difference replacing the suspension parts has made. I got the kit at a great price, and after experiencing the "new car feel" again for awhile I wouldn't hesitate to pay MSRP if I had it to do all over again. It took me two half-days to install the parts, running into snags with the inner bolts for the lower control arms. They're not easy to reach and are really long, and in hindsight it might have been easier to just torch them out. The next hitch was the lower ball joints, which were next to impossible to remove without the special VAG joint tool. I ended up modifing a ball joint separator to get it in there, and with a lot of heat and hammering I finally got the joints loose. After all the parts have been replaced, get the steering aligned to bring all of the adjustments into specification.

 OEM plastic pulleys break, get aluminum.
By Mike Compo
June 27th, 2014
Review: ÜRO Parts 11 51 1 436 590 Aluminum Water Pump Pulley

If you're replacing the coolant pump in an E46, you'd be crazy to not upgrade the flimsy plastic pulley to this sturdy aluminum one. Replace the OEM pully before it breaks, end of story.

 Works great in my Mercedes Wagon!
by C.Gonzales
May 18th, 2013
Review: ÜRO Parts 210 730 1546 Rear Left Window Regulator without Motor

Uro regulator arrived in no time and is a great reproduction of the OEM, and is even greased and ready to bolt in place. Regulator doesn't include attaching hardware, so just get some locknuts and screws. The job isn't too complicated, and I was able to install it even though I'm not a professional mechanic. After drilling out the four rivets, I dropped the glass down until seeing the slot where the plastic block goes in. Next, pull out the black clip that secures the plastic rectangle, being careful that the glass doesn't free-fall. If the glass is trapped up high, you'll have to snake your hand up and in to pull out the clip. Use a Torx wrench to separate the motor and swap it to the new regulator. Install the new Uro regulator in reverse order of disassembly, and be sure to reset the glass position with half-presses of the window switch.

 Top Shelf Auto Parts
by Lenny P.
June 23rd, 2015
Reviews: ÜRO Parts 964 613 621 00 Front Window Switches

Switches function properly and the price is right. The Uro window switches are indistinguishable from the OEM version, what more could you want?

 Original equipment quality for pennies on the dollar.
by Gastronik43
February 5th, 20015
Review: ÜRO Parts STC4378 Water Pump

High quality item! My OEM pump died at 125k miles, and this Uro pump holds temperature at 195 degrees, just like the original. The aluminum casting is crisp and clean, the impeller bearings are tight and frictionless, and the flange holes match right up. The box includes the gasket, and installation was a snap. No issues with leaking or noise after about 3,000 miles so far.

 Flawless operation in 1999 VW Jetta TDI.
by Modern FG
June 23rd, 2015
Review: ÜRO Parts 8L0 953 513J Turn Signal Switch with Cruise Control

My factory switch was making excessive clicking sounds when using the passenger-side turn signal, and hadn't completely failed but was driving me crazy. Given the reasonable price of this Uro Parts switch, replacing the switch was a no-brainer. The factory manual recommends replacing the bolt that attaches the steering wheel whenever its removed, so it's up to you if the peace of mind is worth about three dollars for the bolt from the VW dealer. To remove the stalk from the wiper stalk, look for a clip in the center, which must be detached before it can be lifted upward (attached by two grooves). During reassembly, there could be some noise due to the steering wheel touching the clock spring, which is typical and should cease after it breaks in, depending on how much the plastic in your assembly warped during summer heat and cold cycles. A special Volkswagen triple-square tool is also handy when removing the steering wheel bolt (which should be tightened to 37 lbs of torque), but I digress - back to reviewing the part.

The Turn Signal Switch appears to be constructed of quality materials, has great fit and finish, and functions just like the original. I see no reason to spend almost two hundred dollars elsewhere.

 Terrific component.
by Herb Frankle
May 6th, 2013
Review: ÜRO Parts 50 35 944 Black Antenna Mast

Inexpensive and arrived quickly. Had to give it a try based on the good reviews and cost, which is just a fraction of list price from the dealer. Normally I prefer original parts, but this time going aftermarket was an easy choice and it worked out well.