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Body:  Since its inception, ÜRO Parts has established a reputation as a supplier of OE quality body rubber. We offer a wide range of weather-stripping and seals for MG models from 1956 to the present. ÜRO Parts has made many items available at reasonable prices that have long been discontinued or ignored by other manufacturers due to low volume. All of ÜRO Parts’ exterior body rubber is made from UV resistant rubber, eliminating the premature shrinking and cracking so common to inferior brands.
Brakes:  ÜRO Parts offers high quality brake master cylinders for these vintage vehicles to fill a demand once dominated by legacy brands overcharging customers. They come with the reservoir or the reservoir can be purchased separately if needed.
Cooling System:  ÜRO Parts’ line of MG cooling hoses offer both superb quality and price. All of our rubber coolant hoses are double reinforced for extra strength and durability. Each hose is manufactured from ECD (Electro Chemical Degradation) resistant materials, which prevents electrolysis from breaking down the rubber from the inside out. ÜRO Parts sells some MG hoses in the original green color that came on the vehicle, not available from any other source.
Electrical:  ÜRO Parts is becoming increasingly known for our quality and selection of electrical components. We offer a broad range of quality ignition points, alternators, ignition locks, and more for MG's from 1963 to present. We source several electrical components directly from the OE manufacturer. Rigorous testing and extensive quality checks ensure excellent performance and durability.
Engine:  ÜRO Parts high quality MG engine mounts are used by the vast majority of these vintage car owners even if it arrives in a different branded box. This popular item inevitably fails due to the age of the vehicle, but have been made very accessible for purchase by ÜRO distributors.
Suspension:  ÜRO Parts’ wide range of suspension components keeps the vintage MG's on the road. The large-scale reception of ÜRO Parts’ bushings and mounts makes manufacturing efficiencies possible.
Transmission:  ÜRO Parts offers high quality clutch slave cylinders and transmission mounts for these vintage vehicles to fill a demand once dominated by legacy brands overcharging customers. ÜRO distributors no longer need to import these items from England and can pass the savings on to keep these beautiful automobiles in your collection.