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$500 Cash for Any New Part Idea We Use

Submit your best, most clever, nobody would ever think of new product ideas.  Any idea that goes into production will get $500 bucks. In addition to cold hard cash you will also receive a pre-production sample of the product to verify the product meets your high standards and the standards of your fellow shops/enthusiasts.

Keep in mind the types of products we generally manufacture. Although you may have a great idea (i.e. ABS control module) that commonly fails and sells terrific, but if it's not within our product scope it will not come to fruition.


1. Please email product ideas to sales@uroparts.com or click here.

2. No limit on the number of ideas submitted per person.

3. Please submit product ideas for European cars only.

4. Include your name and phone number with every submission.

Please understand that there has to be some trust involved. We already have many products in our development pipeline so it's possible that you could submit an idea that's already underway. We would NOT try to cheat you and steal your idea. If your idea is already in our pipeline we will notify you immediately.

*By submitting an idea, you waive any right to compensation of any type for such idea other than $500. Any and all rights to ideas submitted to A.P.A. Industries, Inc. become the exclusive property of A.P.A. Industries, Inc.