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BMW Hi Performance Intake Valley Pan

BMW Hi Performance Intake Valley Pan and Gasket

Part# 11 14 1 742 042-PRM

The ÜRO Parts re-engineered intake valley pan gasket for BMW V8 applications features several improvements to remedy the failure prone OE design. Several years of testing and failure analysis have shown the OE design with its applied RTV gasket has a tendency to fail for various reasons including extreme operating temperatures, excessive internal engine pressures, and improper torquing.

The ÜRO design addresses these issues by utilizing the following improvements:

  • ÜRO Parts designed a precision molded gasket made from high temperature and chemical resistant FKM Fluorocarbon Viton® rubber. The gasket profile has also been carefully redesigned to provide additional compression when torqued, which creates a larger and more robust sealing area.

  • In addition the pan casting itself has been modified to provide a mechanical retention lip for the improved gasket. This lip not only properly locates the gasket during installation, but also provides support against the gasket being "blown out" due to internal engine pressures. The lip also provides a positive stop around the entire perimeter to avoid over torquing and excessive deformation of the gasket.

If the following proper installation techniques are met, real world testing has proven the ÜRO Parts gasket can provide significantly increased service life over the factory designed part:

  • All mating surfaces must be completely clean and free from any nicks, damage, or debris prior to gasket installation.

  • The proper torque rate and sequence for the gasket are used during installation.

  • The engine is in sound working order without any faults causing excessive crankcase and or cooling system pressures.

* Viton® is a trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers, ASTM D1418