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Seat Rail Support

911 521 051 01-PRM / URO-012081
Short Description: Left/Right; Double locker style;Stainless Steel vs OEM Carbon Steel to prevent rust
Long Description: URO Premium products are re-engineered to solve the problem of these failure prone parts. URO Premium products feature a more robust design and/or higher-grade materials to vastly improve the reliability and durability of the product. Each URO Premium product bears the "URO Premium" seal (top left) and "PRM" suffix to their part number to easily distinguish them from their OEM counterparts.

Most importantly, we are so confident in our engineering that each URO Premium product will come with a warranty no auto part has come with before, a Lifetime Warranty. You no longer have to make a choice between brands, the choice is clear.
Weight (Pounds): 1.65
Porsche9111973Double locker style
Stainless Steel vs OEM Carbon Steel to prevent rust
Part: Seat Track Reinforcement
Last Updated: 2/22 14:18:29